Waiting is …. (English version)

Enjoy the solitude that long until the prince comes
Fidelity made ​​himself late in the endless
Fighting for yourself faces infinite patience
Count every inch of the life and times keep rolling

Wait for it …
pass the time
destroy patience

But without waiting for …
My life felt the way place
Stalled without being able to do anything about it
Stagnant ..
Living life in a normal routine and that’s it
Spend time in isolation age …

For me, the wait is …
Open the gates of illusion become real
Seeing a bright future
Waiting for a more colorful life
Make life better and grow again
Find a path that is almost gone

Struggling to maintain my loyalty …..

on you
Yeah … you

Because my life is with you
I love there is in this part of your world
My dreams … follow my steps with you
My goal is to live with

I was waiting … waiting for life with you

Because the wait is …
Love and a better life

With you …
Yeah, you …

I want to live with the ups and downs
Until death separates the soul

Bandung, 30 June 2013


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